Sunday, March 24, 2013

Three vintage HOFers from Cardboard Catastophes

A few weeks ago, I offered to send Jeff from Cardboard Catastrophes two cards for his 1973 Topps set quest. I didn't need anything in return, but Jeff insisted he send me a HOFer for my son's binder. Not necessary, but who am I to say no?

Jeff sent me WAAAAAY too much for the two '73s I sent. The first card was the one Jeff had mentioned in the email - a 1956 Warren Giles. He went in to the HOF as an executive, so I figured that was a cool card to put in the binder.
While Jeff should have stopped there, he didn't. He included a note that said, "Here are a few dupes I had for your son's HOF binder." Um, I'm not sure how many people have has dupes of this next card:
Yes, a 1956 Topps Robin Roberts. Holy crap! I was floored when I pull that from the package.
The last card to fall out was this sweet Rollie Fingers 1974 Topps. Three HOFers. Great additions to the binder. Thanks again, Jeff!


  1. Jeff is one of the greatest dudes on the planet!

  2. Awesome cards! I wish they'd make baseball card posters. If they did, I'd buy that 74 Fingers and hang it up in my office.

  3. The Giles was originally sent to me by the late Chris Stufflestreet. He thought it was important to pass our love for the hobby down to a new generation. I feel confident he would approve of it going to your son.