Monday, May 5, 2014

Autos at a staggering pace

I expect this to change in the coming months and years, but right now, an absurd amount of my Ty Hensley collection features autographed cards. As I write this, I have 32 different Hensley cards. Of those, 11 are autographed. That's over 1/3rd of the cards in my PC.

It'll be impossible to keep this rate going as I grab more and more base and parallels of Ty, but for now, I'm having a blast picking up new autos. I can get most for less than $5 shipped, and really am enjoying surfing the web to find new (affordable) Hensley autos that I don't have.

Of those, many of them are from Leaf and Panini. I snagged this Leaf Draft Refractor (not sure if that's the term Leaf uses) #'d 03/99 as my latest.

1 comment:

  1. is fun to accumulate autos when they are that cheap. Pirate autos were like that in the mid 2000's. I can't really do that anymore.