Sunday, May 25, 2014

How do you cheat a rainbow?

You buy almost all of the colors at once.

I'm still missing a few of the low numbered parallels, but I found this lot of 6 Michael Pineda 2012 Topps Finest cards on eBay. It included the base card, four different Refractrors, and a die-cut. All for about four bucks.

I might try to pick up a few of the lower-numbered ones, but if not, I'm very happy with this lot of six.


  1. Is there a pot of pine tar at the end of that rainbow? Bwahahahahaha!!! But seriously folks.... Nice lot!

  2. That's not cheating. It's just good luck.

  3. I'm totally a cheater too. A lot of times I'll buy completed sets, instead of building them myself.