Friday, May 23, 2014

Photos from Dad

Photos from BASEBALL DAD that is. I was going to go with "I love you dad!" (Old school, anyone?) but felt that was getting into creepy territory.

So I'm very behind on my blog posts, especially showing off some packages sent by fellow bloggers. I'm sorry. I'll blame it on being busy with the birth of my daughter. Even if that's not entirely true, when else am I going to have this good of an excuse for being so behind? So yes, I'm behind because of my 5-week-old (it's been 5 weeks already?!?!).

Anyhow, a while back, Baseball Dad sent me an unexpected package. Inside? A COMPLETE YANKEES TEAM SET of 1981 Topps 5x7 "Home Team" cards. Or are they photos and not cards? I don't know. All I know is that these are awesome and I have to figure out a way to display there.

Here are my three favorite, and the rest of the checklist is below. Jack, thank you so much! I love them.
Rick Cerone
Bucky Dent
Rich Gossage
Ron Guidry
Reggie Jackson
Tommy John
Ruppert Jones
Rudy May
Graig Nettles
Willie Randolph
Bob Watson
Dave Winfield


  1. Very nice,... Definetly cards.. Fit nicely into two pocket pages

  2. OH BABY - must find these. Do they exist for other years? Does Dad know?

    1. Topps put these out in 80,81,84,85 and 86. The 81 set is the largest. Every team is represented

  3. They were issued in 1980 and 1981. I would buy them in packs at the Greek grocery store when I was a teenager. My Dodger-centric post on them:

  4. I'm glad you opted for the current title ! Also that you like the cards. Just a thank you for the cards you sent around Christmas !

    Ryan, what team(s) are you interested in ?
    I have more from Yankees,Mets, Giants and Red Sox.
    May not have complete sets for all teams. Plus some football.
    This is what I have :