Tuesday, May 6, 2014

JBF Epic Boxes: Packs 5-6

Here are two more packs in the Jaybarkerfan Epic flat rate boxes that he sent my way a while back. Each pack was like a repack of my favorite team. It was a blast to go through.

I'll stop boring you with my gushing and show you team bags 5 & 6:

Pack 5

First up, a nice slew of Mattingly. I always loved that illustrated Upper Deck card.
This Ted Williams set is so underrated. I actually have this Bobby Brown card autographed, and it looks great. Just a simple, classy looking set.
So Ricky Ledee was supposed to follow Mickey Mantle and Joe DiMaggio in the line of great Yankee CFers. He didn't quite pan out, although his tenure in the Bronx did have a lot of big moments, including starting the 1998 World Series. He also hit a HR and made a game-saving catch in David Cone's perfect game. The next year, he helped bring over David Justice in a trade. See? Ledee did a lot!
 And the card of the pack? This Ralph Houk! What a cool card. It's from 1987 TCMA.
Total cards in pack: 49
Running total: 147

Pack 6

This team bag starts with even more Jeters. I may need to do a postmortem and recap how many Jeters were included. There had to be 20 or so.
I love both of these cards. The Gardner...that's just a ball player. The Adrien Hernandez is cool too. Minor league cards are so much fun. Look at those ads! Hernandez was actually called "El Duquecito" or "Little El Duque." Unfortunately, he didn't have a very successful career.
The card of the pack? This 2013 Topps Target Red Parallel of Francisco Cervelli after a walk-off hit. I love the emotion. And look who is there to join Mr. Cervelli! An ARod cameo. Zippy Zappy, do you need this parallel? If so, it's yours.
Total cards in pack: 41
Running total: 188


  1. That Ricky Ledee card both hilarious and nauseating. We Dodger fans weren't too fond of him either.

  2. Very nice cards dude.

    And I don't think I have that Cervelli yet. Thanks for thinking of me :).