Thursday, July 10, 2014

Adorable little frameless autograph

The other day, I was surfing eBay and came accross this adorable little guy. I'm not a fan of A&G at all, and was surprised to see that there are mini autos that aren't framed. I thought they all were. I'm sure many of you knew this.

For a reasonable price, thie auto was mine. I felt like I might have been tricked and someone just took this card out of the frame and claimed that it was special, but alas, I believe it's legit.

And here's the framed version of the card, which I also own. Tricky, eh?


  1. The seller removed them from the frame. I presume the eBayer is

    1. That's funny! I guess I got tricked. That was not the seller's name.

    2. I mean, at least it's a legit auto haha. Could be worse. Have one myself. It's quirky.