Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Scotch tape - the enemy of baseball cards

Check out this Whitey Ford 1959 Topps card.
That surface damage, especially on the left side of the card (facing you) has to be from Scotch tape, right? Even the edge looks like the perforations on tape.

It makes me sad, knowing that at one point this card was probably proudly taped to a wall or in a scrap book.

I can hear the sound of the tape peeling off the card, with some of the card remaining behind on the discarded tape.

However, there is a positive from this scotch tape catastrophe: cheapskates like me can own vintage cards of HOFers at fractions of the cost! This Whitey only set me back a couple of bucks. Do I wish it was in better condition? Of course. But fact of the matter is that I proudly own a 1959 Topps White Ford.


  1. Most of the vintage in my collection has been "well loved" over the years. When it comes to the good stuff condition doesn't matter to me one bit.

    A couple of bucks! That's a steal in my estimation!

  2. Beaters are always good for team collectors.when they go looking for the high priced items

  3. Hey, card collecting was different back then.

  4. Wonderful sentiments regarding vintage and legacy collecting "effects".....what a great Whitey card!

    WOW. I've pulled away so strongly from modern releases that I haven't even checked out the Archives from this year. That is a GREAT Mattingly! You're right, I don't recognize that photo, either. A rare treat, for sure!

    Are you referring to the TM-less SSSSSP '87 Mattingly All-Star card??!?!?!