Sunday, July 6, 2014

Interesting day in Yankeeland

I was just about to write a "welcome Brandon McCarthy" post when I saw that Alfonso Soriano had been unsurprisingly DFA'd as well. I'm not surprised by either move. McCarthy is a definite upgrade over Vidal Nuno, who was horrendous (for the most part). Plus, Nuno never signed my cards TTM. I tried him twice. C'mon, you're Vidal Nuno.

McCarthy is a fan-favorite and terrific Twitter personality. His advance metrics indicate that's pitched better than his record and ERA suggest. Regardless, I'd rather see him out there every fifth day than Nuno.

That wasn't the only move today.
Soriano is a tough one. He was one of the best hitters in the AL last year after the Yankees reacquired him. His bat speed looked as quick as ever. That disappeared this season. He was awful. I hate seeing a guy like him go; someone who could change the game with one swing. But he's just not that guy any longer. I hope he goes somewhere else (the NL so he doesn't come back to haunt the Yanks) and enjoys the last few months of what will likely be the end of his big league career.

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  1. I'm a big McCarthy fan myself. There were some rumors the Pirates had some interest. Like you said his peripheral numbers are really good, but just doesn't have the era to back it up. I'm worried that Yankee stadium will make him continue on that same path.