Wednesday, July 23, 2014

TTM Success: Leonardo Molina

First, what a sweet name. Second, no relation to the Molina brothers.

Yankees prospect Leonardo Molina signed my 2014 Bowman in about six weeks time. I sent the card to the Yankees minor league complex, as Molina is currently with one of the Yanks' GCL teams.

Molina was signed by the Yankees last year for $1.4mil. He was one of the top international outfielders in last year's class. At just 16 years old, it was surprising to see him already make his US debut. According to Baseball-Reference, he's 3.7 years younger than the GCL average, so he's just a baby. When I was 16, I was playing JV ball for my high school.

While he's hitting just .200, his OBP is .100 points higher at .300, so that's a positive for a kid this young. I really look forward to seeing him develop over the next few seasons, and I hope he becomes the legit prospect many believe he will be.

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