Friday, July 25, 2014

Random Yanks from Paul's Random Baseball Stuff

A few weeks back, and awesome assortment of random Yanks showed at my door. Appropriately, they came from Paul at Paul's Random Baseball Stuff. If you don't frequent Paul's blog, you should. He shares some great baseball insights, as well as cool promotions from around the game. While the majority is Mets focused, Paul also frequents the local minor league games, such as Brooklyn, Staten Island, and Trenton, to name a few. He truly is a fan of the game.

One of the coolest things Paul sent was an assortment of pocket schedules, notably from Trenton. Two of them depict Jeter during rehab stints, while another shows Cano. The Jeter in the stars and stripes jersey is just too cool.

I've never seen this Upper Deck card of Jorge Posada. I don't own too many cards from this set. It's from a time I wasn't collecting. It's a pretty cool card. It looks like Posada slid after a ball near the wall in foul territory (and made the catch!).
A bunch of Jeters are always welcome. That Diamond Tributes card is sooo Fleer, but in a good way.
Look how young and innocent Melky looks. Then he did PEDs and still ended up making a ton of money.
Chien-Ming Wang. Stupid interleague play ruined his career. Pitchers don't belong running the bases. While this looks like a Topps base card, it's actually one of those fancy cardboard ones with the old school Topps logo.
A few Sheffs, whose time in NY with the Yanks was very underrated. He got hurt in the third year of his deal, but in the first two, he hit .290/.393/.534 in 2004 and .291/.379/.512 in 2005. In fact, the closest he ever came to winning an MVP was in '04, when he finished second to Vlad. I had no idea.
Mo just looks good on classy cards, such as Turkey Red or Masterpieces.
These Fleer Tradition All-Star cards are cool. I wish Topps would make the current All-Star cards look a little different than just slapping the game logo on them.
There was a bunch more great stuff. Paul, thanks again


  1. Great package! That Posada is terrific.

  2. I see the spirit of the Boss lives on in Yankee fans.

    Nice cards dude.

  3. Love those pocket schedules! The Jeter in the stars and stripes jersey is awesome!