Tuesday, July 15, 2014

$ All about the green $

First off, this post has double meaning. Currently, I'm in Vegas for work. No, seriously. Why else would I willingly go someplace where it's 120-degrees out in July? Although, I've been getting plenty of back sweat going into NYC every day for work as is, so I guess it's not a huge deal going somewhere hotter.

In between my work conference, I'm sure I'll find a few minutes to hit the tables. Goal: don't throw away all my kids' college money. Win some GREEN.

Speaking of winning some green, here are two new green Pinedas for my PC, which is up to 80 different cards of Big Mike. Not too bad.

The first just arrived over the weekend from Judson over at My Cardboard Habit. He was cool enough to drop me a line saying he had it, and sent it my way via PWE. The green in Series Two is just as pea-like as Series One. I still need a bunch of the other Pineda parallels from Series Two, if you've got any. Anyhow, Judson, thanks for sending this my way!

The next is a little higher end, and costs a little more green if you will. It's from a product I'm not rich enough for (but maybe I will be after this week cha-chinnng), but found a really nice deal on. It's an emerald auto/jersey from 2013 Topps Triple Thread.
Pretty nice card with some vertical pinstriples. I see these cards with horizontal pinstripes sometimes and it looks so bad and sloppy. This has one of the nicer sets of stripes I've seen. This ran me just north of $5...it probably would have gone for $40 back in April when Big Mike was pretending to be a real pitcher.

Still, it's nice, high-end, and I like it. A lot.


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  2. That triple threads is beautiful. Glad they matched the swatches to the pictured uni.