Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Are you supposed to pull cards like this in Dollar Tree repacks?

Two weeks ago, I stopped by the Dollar Tree and there were zero baseball packs. Nada. I was disappointed, as I had seen a few people stumble upon 30 card PressTine repacks.

I begrudgingly stopped back in this past Saturday, as I needed a few bubble mailers. I know there are other places to get them a little cheaper, but these come in packs of two for a dollar. So snagging 5 packs leaves me with ten new, fresh bubble mailers. That’s not too bad.

I swung around to where the cards are, just in case, and lo and behold, there was a fresh, gravity-type box of PressTine 30 card repacks! I couldn’t believe it! They must’ve just been open, as the packs were still neatly in there. If only I could experience this at Target, knowing the packs hadn’t been sifted through.

I ended up snagging 7 packs. It was tempting to get more, but it’s important to remember that probably 25 of 30 cards are junk. There weren’t too many great cards showing, but I snagged a few with some Bowman prospects, as you never know. I also snagged one with a 2016 Bowman Masahiro Tanaka on the front, as that’s not a bad card to get.

However, within one of the packs, I was shocked to find this card:
Front and back, what a cool card! It was certainly an outlier across all packs, that’s for sure. Unlike Fairfield repacks which guarantee X HOFs or the chance of a hit, these don’t do anything of the sort. While perhaps not a traditional hit, a low-numbered (162/250) insert card of a current and probable future Hall of Famer is pretty damn cool. This is from 2004 Donruss Elite, and is a green parallel within the Passing the Torch set.

I’ll show more of the cards from the other packs in a future post, as there were a few decent cards you’d expect in a repack. But honestly, this card blew all the others away.


  1. The Hawk and Vlad on the same card? That's a pretty sweet find in a re-pack!

  2. Cool, never pulled a numbered cars from those.

  3. I'll trade you a 1989 Andy Benes for that? He's a can't miss Hall of Fame pitcher. That's what the 8 year old me thought anyway

  4. I loved those Passing the Torch cards and Status cards from Donruss Elite.

  5. Sweet card! Passing the Torch inserts are awesome in general... but they're even awesomer when they come out of a repack.