Thursday, June 8, 2017

Thanks, Jud(ge)son

I mentioned yesterday that bloggers came to the rescue when I mentioned I needed a 2017 Aaron Judge Topps RC.

Matt Prigge of Summer of '74 was the first hero, and then Judson of My Cardboard Habit came to the rescue, sending quite an Aaron Judge-centric package I was not expecting.

First, the reason for the mailer:
Then Judson sent even more Judge goods, starting with this 2017 Rookie of the Year Favorites insert from Bowman. I've wanted this card since I saw it! One thing I'm surprised with is how "RC" logos are appearing on insert cards. I thought non-base cards couldn't be rookie cards? Honestly, I have no clue about the rules around what is a rookie card and what isn't these days. I still sort of believe that the pre-RC is the real rookie card, which would make his 2013 Bowmans his RCs. I don't know. But I do know I like this card.
Judson must have broken a bit of Bowman, because he sent me not one, not two, but three Judge RCs from Bowman.
And if that wasn't enough, Gleyber! I will hoard any and all Gleybers I can these days, and I did not have this one yet.
Judson also gave me my first in-person look at 2017 Diamond Kings. I like these. They sort of remind me of the UD Masterpieces that had the borders around them, although the card texture is a little different. Still, I think they look great.
Lastly, just as P-Town Tom does, I love a nice, personal note. What a sweet guy!
Thanks for the cards, Judson! I'll hit you back soon whenever I get my act together.

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  1. Judson is a good dude for sure.
    I love the design of the "Rookie of the Year Favorites." That's a well done insert set.