Friday, June 2, 2017

Keeping up with Clint

One of the best things happening to the Yankees is that all four of their ML outfielders are performing at a high level. There isn’t anyone struggling to the point where people are calling for the promotion of Clint Frazier. Whereas Gleyber Torres is getting moved quickly to take over at 3B later in the season, Frazier can focus on developing and improving his game, which he has done since the beginning of the season.

Currently, he’s hitting .257 with 9 HRs and 16 doubles. While those aren’t particularly dominant numbers, it’s important to know that he’s cut down on his K% and increased his BB% since last season. That’s good progress. He also got off to a bit of a slow start (hitting .224 in April), and has hit .286 over the last 30 days with 6 HRs. It should also be known that he’s playing in a very pitcher-friendly park, which even affected the power of Gary Sanchez and Aaron Judge while they were there.

My guess is that if Clint gets really hot, we might see him in late July or August for the stretch run, but it’s more likely that he’ll earn a September call-up, assuming he isn’t needed as an injury replacement before then.

Not everyone needs to make an impact right away, and as long as he’s progressing and developing as a hitter, he’s had a positive first full season in the Yankees Organization.

I've been a little slow picking up Frazier cards, but the above is a mini that I snagged in my last COMC order. I'm still waiting for my first card of him featured as a Yankee.

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