Thursday, June 15, 2017

Repacks do grow on (Dollar) Trees

Yesterday, I showed off the unexpected Andre Dawson/Vlad Guerrero insert I pulled in a Dollar Tree 30-card repack. I bought seven of the packs, and here are a few more highlights that are a lot more what you’d tradionally expect to get in this type of product.
First off, the best “window card” – the card showing through on the packaging – was a 2016 Bowman Masahiro Tanaka. While this is a dupe for me, it’s a lot easier of a choice for me to snag this card versus someone I’ve never heard of.
This Wil Myers card was also a window card, and I also received this same card in another pack.
There were a few Dodger cards through, and these were two of the cooler ones. The Crawford is one of the foil variations, which isn’t a terrible thing.
Glossy! Nearly each pack had a 1988 Fleer, and each was the glossy version.
A few cards from a time I didn’t collect, and didn’t recognize either card’s design. The Rollins is from 2007 Topps.
Gum stains were plentiful as well. If this were more recent Heritage, these would be worth something.
Diecuts in a repack are cool!
Lastly, HOFers! Unlike Fairfield repacks, these don’t guarantee X number of HOFers in each pack. However, there was no shortage. I’ll add these to my son’s HOF binder.

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