Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Officially losing it

I have seriously lost it.

Last week, I picked up the only Topps NOW Aaron Judge I was missing from this season. I felt guilty about not having it. So I bought it on eBay.
And then you know what happened? I accidentally bought it again.
One day later.

Seriously, is my memory so shitty that I can’t remember a card purchase from the day before? I literally bought one on June 11 and another on June 12, and had zero recollection until I was looking at my “Purchases” tab on eBay and saw the two cards back-to-back. It’s not like I’m a huge buyer either. I buy maybe a card or two per week. I don’t have hundreds of transactions to follow.

I literally bought the same card on consecutive days because my memory is horrible.

Am I officially losing it? Maybe you shouldn’t answer that. But if you see two card packages arrive from me on back-to-back days, you’ll know why.

Just don’t tell me what I did.


  1. I've bought the same card a few times myself. Not sure if I've ever done it on consecutive days though. The good news is Judge is on fire right now... so having duplicates isn't too shabby.

  2. I do this about once a year. Thankfully it is always with cheap relics of guys like Jason Kendall and Brian Giles. So many of those look a like.