Sunday, June 18, 2017

Derek Jeter Topps Now

On May 14, the Yankees officially held Derek Jeter Night at Yankee Stadium.

He was honored with his jersey being retired, as well as a plaque in Monument Park. I was half expecting the Yankees to give him an ACTUAL monument versus the standard plaque, as one could argue that his career certainly is deserving of one. Perhaps the Yankees will wait to do that once he is formally enshrined in Cooperstown in a few years.

It was a cool night, and great to see Jeter back at Yankee Stadium.  True to his word, he hasn’t been around much.

Topps captured the night with two Topps Now cards. I was tempted to only get the one with Jeter next to his retired number, but an eBay a seller has both listed for $10.99, or $1 more then it would cost to buy one card directly from the site. I figured I’d regret it if I didn’t, so I pulled the trigger on both.
I haven’t gotten any Archives yet, so these are my first Jeter cards of 2017.

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