Monday, June 5, 2017

Random Listia Autos - Part 15

Wow, so it’s been almost exactly one year since I’ve done one of these posts. But hey, I can bring the series back, right? It’s my blog.

In short, for those unfamiliar, I used to be very active on the auction site Listia. Essentially, it’s a site where the virtual currency is credits. You “sell” cards and other items for credits, then you can spend those credits on things (aka cards) you want within the ecosystem. It was a great way to get rid of extra cards and essentially trade them for ones you do want.

I haven’t been on the site in a year or so after I essentially cashed out. It become a little too much of a hassle, and credits got really inflated.

This series started because I was fortunate enough to meet a seller who listed really high-end cards, a few of which I won. He was very cool and sent a bunch of team bags of random autographed cards along with the card I won, as he used to do a lot of TTM and in-person graphing. So I’ve been showing them off a few at a time – there were over 100 – and I still have a lot to go.

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So here are some I scanned from way back, but never got around to showing. Let me know if you enjoy seeing these, as I've still got like 100 signed cards I can show.
Here’s a great auto of 16-year veteran Jim Sundberg. He played 12 of his 16 seasons for Texas, where he was named to two AL All-Star teams and won 6 straight Gold Gloves at catcher. I definitely didn’t know that. Because of his defensive wizardry, he accumulated a career WAR of 40.5. That’s good! He was serviceable with the bat, collecting nearly 1500 hits as well. He was also part of the 1985 World Champion Royals, and spent a significant part of his post-playing days in the Rangers front office.
Joe Blanton…this guy is still pitching! He was a starter on those Oakland A’d teams of the mid-90s, then re-invented himself as a reliever later in his career. His best seasons as a starter came from 2005-07, where we won 42 games. The Phillies snagged him at the ’08 deadline and he went 4-0 for them down the stretch and helped them win the ’08 World Series. He hit a homer in that World Series, winning Game 4. He also made a start against the Yankees in the 2009 World Series, which I didn’t recall. Overall, a very good, long career for Blanton.
I knew a guy named David Murphy and he was a Sox fan, so that was weird. But he wasn’t this guy. Who knew that this David Murphy amassed a career 10 WAR? Not me. I didn’t even realize he played in the Majors for 10 years, all in the AL. He was a solid OFer in his prime, as you could pencil him in for about 15 HRs and 60 RBIs per year. He did most of his damage playing on those AL-winning Texas Rangers teams in the early 2010s. Unfortunately, this is a card of him as a Red Sox.
Trot Nixon. Nope, not writing about him on my blog.
Everyday Eddie! This is a cool auto to have. I always wanted the Yankees to acquire Guardado, as he was a very good left-handed reliever for the Twins. He led the AL with 83 appearances in 1996, and with 45 saves in 2002. But he was a stalwart in the ‘pen, constantly appearing in 60+ games. They didn’t call him Everyday Eddie for nothing. He bounced around the last few years of his career, but he’ll always be remembered best as a Twin.

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  1. I actually met Eddie Guardado when he played for the Mariners. He was super cool.