Sunday, January 9, 2022

A real Bru-haha

Right around Christmas, Marc aka Bru from the old school Remember The Astrodome and I made a nice swap on TCDB. It's really nice having someone to send crummy Astros to, and in turn, get Yankees I want.

It was around a 20 for 20 card swap, give or take. I helped him with a few Astros and set needs, he sent me some assorted Yankees from a bunch of brands. It was actually a really fun mixture of cards, especially because there were a bunch of Panini products I don't see a lot. I kind of hope Fanatics buys Panini as well, since they've been kicking Topps' butt with better designs and products the last few years. Although I guess it wouldn't be true competition if they all rolled up to the same mothership. 

Still, seeing Donruss and Prizm with official marks would be cool.

Regardless, back to the variety. I was able to add five Gleybers to the collection, including a couple with the RC logo...which apparently doesn't really mean what it used to a few years ago.
I also got my second card of Odor as a Yankees, and this one is pretty great at highlighting his fiery personality.
I won't lie, I laughed when I saw this mugshot. What a dopey card.
I still have hope for Clarke Schmidt being an impactful Yankees pitcher. It would be nice if a first rounder not named Judge panned out.
A few more Stantons. I need to do a count on his cards, but I must be approaching 175 or so. I like the Fire red foil a lot. Maybe my favorite card of the trade.
And here are the rest of the goodies.
Marc, thanks for the trade, and please enjoy your time with the beautiful baby girl you just had.


  1. I remember when pulling a Gleyber rookie card was pretty big news. What's the deal with him? Was he battling injuries the past two seasons? Do you think him and Andujar will ever become MLB stars?

    1. It's honestly a mystery. After his second year he was basically a future MVP candidate (38 HRs in first full season as a 22-year-old middle infielder...that's rare). Then had a crappy 2020 (fake season) that carried over into 2021. Was moved from 2B to SS and I think that weighed on him, but it's still a bit odd the severe drop off.

    2. Other than Judge the Yankees have been very poor at developing their young talent recently. Torres, Sanchez, Frazier, several pitchers that start off initially strong and then they hit that first patch of adversity every young star faces and they can't handle it.

  2. I like the Severino cards at the bottom. They remind me of the old Hot Gloves cards. I wonder if they have a die-cut parallel? That would be sweet if someone brought back those inserts.

  3. I know that a lot of people have said recently that it isn't going to happen, but I still think that The Fanatics will end up buying Panini at some point.