Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Brady Bunch cards!

It seems that a long time ago, movies and TV shows regularly put out trading card sets. I remember heavily collecting GI Joe cards based off the popular cartoon. I also remember dabbling in Dick Tracy cards and Ninja Turtles (the movie) cards.

My family has always been into The Brady Bunch. I can't explain why. However, we can quote the show and movies and pretty much know everything about every episode. It's very nerdy, and all of our significant others bond over the fact that we are all weird and obsessed over the Bradys. They make fun of us, and then we make fun of them for not having an in-depth knowledge of when Alice left the family to go work at the restaurant or when Bobby dyed a bunch of rabbits (and Greg's hair) orange.

Anyways, I recently came across Brady Bunch trading cards. Yes, vintage Brady cards! Amazing. In 1969, Topps released an 88 cards set featuring the Bradys! They actually look a lot like 1955 Bowman - pictures in a woodgrain TV set. See?

Upon doing a little research, these are actually pretty hard to find, as noted by the outrageous eBay prices. Hi-graded singles go for over $100 EACH! On eBay, there is a complete set going for $1299.00! CLICK HERE to check it out. I'm not sure why they are so expensive/rare, I'm guessing not a lot were produced and even fewer exist today (thanks, Capt. Obvious). I'd rather have a '52 Mantle than a '69 Alice, but other Brady enthusiasts may beg to differ.

What about you guys? Have you every come across or seen these cards in person?


  1. Brady Bunch was my era, so I've seen all the shows, but never saw the cards.

    I was at a collectibles show a month or so ago and a guy had card sets of TV shows from the '70s, the Incredible Hulk, Three's Company, etc. I wanted to buy them all. But my stupid baseball card habit got in the way.

  2. I am pretty sure that if I'd seen these packs, I'd have bought at least one just to see what it was. I loved that show as a early 70's pre-teen.
    What amazes me is that people who are old enough to care about these would *ever* pay $1,300 for a set of them! I don't think I'd go $20 for a set of them, lol.

  3. Keep in mind that "book" value on the set is only $950, and sellers can put whatever price they want on an item but if nobody buys it, it's not worth that much.
    A PSA 8 single from the identical(?) 1971 set sold for $120 recently, though.

    This set's on my non-sport want list, but it won't happen at $5-10+ per card. I had incredible luck with the entire Charlie's Angels set run once, though. And I have a nearly complete run of Star Wars sets in okay condition. Vintage cards of popular shows are like the Mays, Mantle, and Nolan Ryan of non-sports.

  4. Never knew these existed. To bad they didn't make relic cards of the astroturf yard.

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