Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Cards from Indianaland Jones

Earlier this week, I got a package in the mail from D of Potch Wheeler’s Cardboard Heroes slash Indianaland Cards. We hadn’t been working on a deal, so I was curious to see what was inside.

D sent me a few awesome Yankee cards. My favorite of the bunch is easily this 2011 Bowman Platinum Purple of Yankees RHP prospect Adam Warren. He is one of my top five favorite pitching prospects in the system, and he should be next in line to make a start if the Yanks need to call someone up. He’s definitely going to be a September call-up. I was sort of pissed earlier this year when the Yanks signed some random dude, Brian Gordon, and gave him two starts instead of turning to Warren. The comparison to Zack Greinke on the back of the card is outrageous. However, I have no doubt that Warren could be a good #3 starter in the NL or a decent #4/5 in the AL.

 Next up, a cool Mark Teixeira. I think this was a Target-exclusive card, but I’m not totally sure.

Andy Pettitte, looking as bad ass in mini form as in standard form.

Lastly, a few other nice Yanks as well.

D, thanks again. You’ll be getting a return package in the near future.

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