Sunday, August 21, 2011

Vintage cards from The Diamond King

In addition to the FREE Harmon Killebrew 1968 Topps Game that The Diamond King sent me some sweet Yanks. I was only expecting the Killebrew so I was surprised to find a stack of cards. Luckily I sent him a few gaudy Dennis Rodman cards so I hope it all evens out.

The card I was most surprised to see is the one below. I’m sure it looks familiar to many of you from this year’s Topps Heritage. However, this is an authentic 1962 Topps “Base as a boy.” I didn’t have any of these cards.

Next up is a 50th anniversary buyback of a 1959 Topps Art Ditmar. I have no idea why Topps felt the need to stamp a vintage card. Cool none the less. I got Ditmar to sign (via TTM) a 1960 Topps, so this is my second card of his and first from the '50s.

Two Reggie Jackson 1980 Fleer cards. I thought Tom Selleck was Mr. Baseball and Reggie was Mr. October?

I’m nearly certain I didn’t have this 1986 Topps Rickey Henderson. I don’t know how, but if so, it’s awesome to finally have it.

 1990’s gaudiness.

A few other Yanks.

Diamond King, you’re the man. I love the older Yanks cards. Hope you enjoy the cards I sent!

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