Monday, August 15, 2011

Denny's! Mmmmm Holograms

Growing up, I had a family friend who frequently went to Denny's. Every summer, as part of their Grand Slam breakfast deal, Denny's put out a set of cards, usually a hologram or some sort of 3D Sportflics-esque card. This family friend presented me with a pack of these cards on a weekly basis or so. I think she went there with her friends after her pals after her morning bowling league. I always enjoyed receiving these. Each team was represented, so it meant I usually got a good player. Plus I loved (and still do) holograms. I even did my sixth grade science project on holograms and even displayed some of these baseball cards and the old team logo hologram stickers that came in packs.

The other day on eBay I was searching for the Yankees from these sets, and ended up finding two unopened packs from 1995 for quite cheap. I scooped them up.

Pack one contained Moises Alou of the Montreal Expos. This probably would have been a pretty sweet card at the time, as the Expos were terrific in 1994 and Alou was a rising star.

Pack two consisted of another young stud at the time - Tim Salmon.

I was hoping for a Yankee or Frank Thomas or Griffey Jr or Ozzie Smith, but no biggie. It was fun opening these packs and bringing back flashbacks from the summer of 1995 when I'd get one of these on a weekly basis.

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  1. So cool. Man I wish Dennys would issue these again.