Thursday, August 18, 2011

TTM Success: Michael Kay

I assume the title alone lost me a few readers. However, I had a Michael Kay 2005 Topps All Time Fan Favorites card (can't remember who included this in a trade package to me), so I sent it to Mr. Kay in care of the Yankees. In just 11 days, he returned my card, signed in silver.

If you're every passing through NY or on, I recommend giving Michael Kay's radio show a listen. He can be a lot more opinionated and unbiased than he can be on YES and has some decent insights. Michael also lives in my neighborhood and I frequently see him out. Once I even saw him at the movies...we saw Dan In Real Life. My favorite run in with him was the day ARod's steroid allegations came out. I was wearing a Yankees sweatshirt, and we passed each other crossing the street. He saw I was a Yanks fan from my gear, and we passed each other and simply shook our heads.


  1. Great pick-up! You didn't lose me, obviously........

    Classic moment of two fans' mutual passive acknowledgement of an athlete's major "D'oh!" moment - gotta love it.

  2. Can't believe he married Jodi Applegate. If I wasn't already married, I'd feel at least I would have a shot at a hot babe myself.

    Nice of him to sign in silver, otherwise you would never see the auto.