Monday, August 8, 2011

A pair of contest prizes

There have been a lot of contests going on in the blogosphere. I lose most of them. However, I had two nice recent wins that I'd like to show off.

The first is courtesy of my buddy Napkin Doon and his Big Fun Game. It's a white elephant/Yankee swap type game that's always a blast. I was extremely pumped to steal a vintage Roberto Clemente, only to have that stolen from me. I then opened a new door that had d-bag Joe Morgan behind it...a 1967 Topps of him, that is. Trey the Astros fan stole that from me - no biggie, he's a 'Stros fan and I detest Morgan, so all good. I then stole this sweet Even Longoria Topps Sterling. Why Longoria? Well, I was working on a trade with 7 Hour from Tampa and this helped even things up. So while the card arrived and is gorgeous, it's heading overseas to bring me some Yanks in return.

Next up, the great San Jose Fuji had a great contest that lasted a few weeks. It was a blast. He does a great job of asking questions in all of his blog posts (not just contest posts) and usually always has some sort of reader participation. I admire that. Anyhow, I netted a few entries into his contest and luckily was selected to choose fifth. I chose this 1999 SP Top Prospects set + 2 autos. It sounded pretty cool. The cards came and it's a very attractive set. Here is a Jason Terry from the set, as well as the two autos. I was sad to see no Syracuse player in the set, but those teams of the late '90s were forgettable.

Thanks for the contests, guys!

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  1. Nice haul... glad that Longoria worked out so well for you. I'm more than happy with my second selection of Big Fun too.