Thursday, August 11, 2011

Vintage Rizzuto from across the pond

"Across the pond." Is that phrase over-used? Simon, do you cringe when you hear it? If so, I'll never use it again. Anyhow, I just completed my second trade with Simon of 7 Hours from Tampa Bay. In a previous trade, Simon ended up with two sweets vintage Yanks - a 1955 Bowman Phil Rizzuto and a 1952 Topps Gene Woodling. I commented that I liked them, Simon emailed me back saying he would trade them to me, and we made a deal.

I like to trade vintage for vintage, but I don't think Simon considers 1998 Rays cards to be vintage. So he said he prefers Brooklyn Dodgers in the vintage world. I could work with that. I was able to come across a few 1953 Topps Brooklyn Dodgers for him. Here are the sweet Yanks I got in return:

This is my second vintage Rizzuto. I also have the 1955 Topps. I scanned the back as well because Bowman's write-up was funny. This was Phil's first "really bad season." Somehow I don't think something like that would get written nowadays. I'm seriously contemplating starting a Rizzuto PC, so this card is a great addition.

The Woodling is just awesome. It's my second 1952 Topps I think. I definitely have the Charlie Silvera because I have it signed. I don't think I have any others. I've seen the Woodling on eBay many times, just never grabbed it. Love having it now!

Simon also had two cool Andy Pettittes. I evened out the trade with a 2009 Evan Longoria Topps Sterling #'d to 50 that I stole won in Napkin Doon's Big Fun Game. I had motives. I needed a good card for Simon. Hope he likes it because I think it's sweet and now I need to find some Yanks from this set.

This relic is sort of weird. It's from 2009. Pettitte had been back on the Yanks for like four years, but it's called a "Flashback Fabric." I thought the relic next to his Yankees picture would be a Yankee swatch, but both appear to be Astros jerseys. I'm guessing Upper Deck had a bunch of out-of-date jerseys they needed to cut up so they created a set to do so. Any other ideas?

This final card is just shiny and awesome. I think I could power a small village's electricity with it.

Simon, you're quickly becoming one of my favorite trading partners. Thanks again for this amazing Rizzuto, and I hope you like the Dodgers/Longoria.

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