Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tino Tuesdays #2: 2000 MLB Showdown

I never really got into any of the baseball card games that have come out over the years. I'm currently collecting the 1968 Topps Game set, but more so because I like the cards rather than have any interest in the game aspect. In the mid-1990's we saw games like Donruss Top of the Order and Collector's Choice You Make the Play. In 2011, these sets are still around, this time in the form of Topps Attax.

This Tino Martinez card comes from 2000 MLB Showdown set. I didn't collect these cards at all, but of course still wanted the card of my favorite player. There was a 1st Edition parallel as well, but this is the standard base. I'm not sure what the numeric point values mean or if this was a good card or not. Tino had five straight 100 RBI seasons at this point (you know, when RBIs were still a stat that people put stock in), so I'm sure his point values were a little better than league average.

The card itself is an ok design. I like how big the players name is vertically. I also think they did a decent job of using a large player image despite having to make room for all of the point values. The MLB legal line on the front is a bit of an eyesore for me. The card set numbering is very small too (bottom left in the black bar). If you were a set collector putting this together, this would be quite annoying.

I had no real reason for choosing this card other than flipping to a random page in a binder and selecting it. That will be my method with a lot of Tino Tuesdays.

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