Thursday, September 15, 2011

Coach Izzo auto - sorry Michigan fans

I love college basketball. I'm as passionate about Syracuse hoops as I am Yankee baseball, and I love the game as a whole. March Madness is my favorite time of year. I love coaches who have been at their schools for a countless years, passing up numerous "bigger" job opportunities...guys like Mark Few at Gonzaga and so far Brad Stevens at Butler.

One of these guys is Tom Izzo. I feel like he has constantly been linked to NBA teams, but year after year he is back on the sidelines at MSU. Outside of a disastrous year last year, they've been one of the top college hoops programs the last few years with several Final Four appearances and a National Championship in 2000. His teams are always prepared come tournament time, despite what they do in the regular season.

I sent an email LOR to the MSU Athletic Dept and about two weeks later, I received a signed photo of Coach Izzo. Definitely a cool addition to my collection. Hope my friends and Michigan alum still read the blog after seeing this!

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