Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tino Tuesdays #4: 1998 Studio 8x10

Last night I was trying to think of what card I would highlight for this edition of Tino Tuesdays. Instead of turning to the trusty binder, I grabbed two pieces of cardboard next to the binder. Inside of the cardboard is this card, a 1998 Donruss Studio 8x10 Tino Martinez. This was during the era of when Studio came with one 8x10 and a pack of normal-sized cards. Only once did a buy one of these packs, in 1997, and my 8x10 was Chipper Jones.

The card looks the same as the regular-sized version. In classic Studio fashion, it consists of a photo shoot image. However, at least Donruss blended in an action shot in the background, which is a change from previous years.

 The back photo is the same as the background front photo. There are no stats, simply a short write-up.

Overall, this isn't one of my favorite Studio sets. While I like it more than 1997, the ones of the early '90s are still the best.

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