Friday, September 2, 2011

Contest winnings from Cardboard Heaven

A few weeks back, Cardboard Heaven held a contest. The banner on the site was redesigned using all team logos. Readers had to take a stab at guessing the logos, and I was lucky enough to be one of the winners. There were a few minor league stumpers in there, but luckily I recognized them. Thanks Topps Pro Debut!

I had actually forgotten about the contest, so when I received the package I was very surprised. I quickly remembered though, and the prize package was great. It actually came on Saturday while we were waiting for Hurricane Irene to arrive, so once I saw that the package contained a block of Yankee cards, I didn't open them until that night for something to do.

Here are my favorite cards that Cam was nice enough to send:

I was VERY surprised and pleased to see this card. While I'm indifferent about manupatches, this one is awesome. I was at the first game at New Yankee Stadium and CC pitched, so I really think of this as a cool keepsake from the game.

Two very shiny Yankee greats. I did not have this Ruth from the Topps Value Packs, so it will gladly join the Mantle from the same set.

A couple more Yankee legends. This Gehrig eluded me this year in 2011 Topps, so I was happy to finally get it. This Yogi is awesome. It looks like it should be a Topps Tribute card.

Prospects! I looove me some Yankees prospects. Murphy is a great hitter. I had him sign this Bowman card TTM for me, but I didn't have the Chrome version. I sent this exact card to Melky Mesa and I think it's gone for good, so this is a nice replacement for it.

Two current Yankees in their old uniforms. One of these guys is awesome. One of these guys is not.

There were a ton more Yankees too. Some more Mantles and a bunch of Heritage cards. Cam, thanks again for the awesome cards and helping me pass time during Irene.

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