Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Jesus Montero from Colbey

A week or so ago, Colbey from Cardboard Collections bought a Triple A card set and plucked the two Braves cards out. All the rest were up for trade, and I pounced on the Jesus Montero. I sent Colbey a few cards of the guys he collects in return.

It’s a cool card of Montero...it feels very Minor League set-ish...and a card that is not nearly as common as his Tristar or Bowman or Topps Pro Debut cards. He’s had a solid start for the Yanks, and I’m currently very excited about owning more of his cards. I don’t really see myself becoming a super collector or anything, but I do like snatching up these early issues. I just treated myself to a Bowman Chrome RC of Jesus, and now I probably have about five or six cards of him overall.

Colbey, thanks for the trade!

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