Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Jesus Montero and I are forever linked together

Jesus Montero hit his first two big league HRs yesterday. It was especially sweet for us Yankee fans because he's been hyped up for a few years now. And while I believe he is going to be a productive Major Leaguer, there is always the fear of Ruben Rivera. Montero became the first 21-year-old to hit two HRs in the same game since Manny Ramirez. Impressive.

Now, how am I linked with Montero? Well, Montero hit his two HRs off of O's reliever Jim Johnson, a Union-Endicott graduate. I batted against Johnson in high school, and while I predictably struck out, I did foul tip a ball. I look at that as a great accomplishment. See? Montero and I have both batted against Jim Johnson. The results were fairly different (ok ok, as different as can be), but we clearly have a lot in common.

1 comment:

  1. I can see the obviously epic connection there, my friend.

    I had no idea who I've been talking to all this time?!

    How sweet that was, though.....I need to find me some Montero cards, now, to go along with my Robertson collection!

    Go Yanks!