Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tino Tuesdays #6: '97 Pacific Latinos of the Majors

Geez, did I really steal this concept six weeks ago? Time flies. I haven't developed much of a method here for choosing a card other than just flipping through my binder and grabbing any ol' Tino that pops out at me.

I have a few different Tinos from the Pacific insert set "Latinos of the Major Leagues." I always thought it was a bit of an odd set, but Pacific issued many Spanish and bilingual sets, so I guess it's not that odd at all, really. I think out of all of the Latinos of the Major Leagues card, this one is my favorite. It's a basic design...there is no design to it, actually. Pacific just made the player's name as big as possible and but a photo in front of it. The text is gold foiled and shiny. I do like the block letters and the font chosen. I believe different issues have more of a Latin feel - flags or country maps, while this one is just a card with a big old name.

One thing I would have liked is the set name on the front somewhere, even if it was small at the top above his name. You really don't know what set this card is from until you look on the back and the card is #'d LM-13.

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