Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Adam "don't call me Pacman" Jones

Adam Jones. I always chuckle when I get a card of him. For whatever reason, I always associate this name with Adam “Pacman” Jones, unfortunately because of the negative connotation that comes along with it.

But this Adam Jones of the Orioles is really making a name for himself the last few years. He already has 16 homers this year and just signed a nice little $85.5 million dollar contract extension. The Yanks play the Orioles so frequently, it’s actually been really impressive to watch his rise over the last few year. His improvement has been very noticible to a fan such as myself.

He was one of the key pieces to the Erik Bedard trade, and the O’s showed great patience with him while he developed at the big league level. I’m envious.  It’s something I wish could happen more in NY, but the team/executives/fanbase doesn’t show that kind of patience. It’s win now, and that doesn’t offer youngsters the chance to learn, grow, fail, then succeed.

I pulled this Adam Jones 2012 Archives relic out of a blaster the other day. Pretty cool card, and certainly for trade.


  1. I like it, but I don't think I have any Yankee relics to trade for it :/

  2. awesome card! Interested in a Nick Swisher bat relic from 2011 Allen and Ginter for it?

  3. Zach, I'd be interested. I don't have a Swisher relic. I can't seem to find your email address though.

  4. That's a nice looking Jones relic card. Its funny that I keep pulling Yankees hits and you keep pulling Orioles hits! I'd be interested if your trade with Zach falls through.

  5. Hi! Sorry for not giving you my email. It's I would be willing to send to you first as well. Thanks!!