Monday, August 22, 2016

A wrinkly old rookie

It's been a long time since I picked up a beat up vintage card that I otherwise wouldn't be able to afford. However, when this 1955 Bowman Elston Howard RC popped up for basically no money,  I decided it would be cool to add the rookie card of a key Yankee from the '50s and '60s.

Howard gets overshadowed by guys like Mantle and Maris and Berra, but he was a hell of a player. It's easy to forget he was the 1963 AL MVP. He was also the first African American player on the Yankees. He won four World Series rings as a player, and two more as a coach. His life was cut far too short, as he passed away at age 51 in 1980.

I was surprised to see that he never got more than 21% of the Hall of Fame vote. His stats now don't look great, but there's no doubt he was one of the better players on a remarkable team, and played a demanding position, playing it well. Perhaps that isn't enough to make it to Cooperstown, but it was plenty for a spot in Monument Park in the Bronx. Maybe that's enough.


  1. Nice piece of vintage. Howard is one of my PC guys because of his connection to the 67 RedSox

  2. Howard is definitely one of my favorite Yankees legends. I'd assume he'd have a much better resume if he didn't have to share so much playing time with Berra. As for the HoF, maybe it's time for a recount?

  3. I love shopping like this. I don't care the least bit about resale value and such, so if it takes condition like that to allow a card into my collection, so be it. Besides, the wrinkles and scars add character.

  4. If it wasn't for the wrinkly, well-loved stuff, I'd have no "higher end" cards in my collection at all. I've got a 1969 Kareem RC and while it looks like ol' Lew Alcindor has been put through the wringer, it's still one of my favorite cards.

    1. Same here! The few Mantles I have are all creased 45 times.