Thursday, August 11, 2016

Zippy Zapped and it feels so good

I'm seriously contemplating not giving Zippy Zappy my new address.

It's not that I don't appreciate his packages. It's that they are too good! When I moved, I had to basically use one whole truck just to bring cards ZZ has sent me.

I'm kidding, of course. I would never say no to one of the epic Zappings. He definitely puts a lot of thought into his package, and the layer of personalization is a large part of what make these great.

He always throws in some from Staten Island Yankee goodies, which is cool. Even though I live close, I never make it out to the SI games, but ZZ always has me covered:
But the best part was this cool anniversary set from SI's 2000 Championship.
Great looking set! The cards all fold out and are perforated, but I haven't separated them.

Speaking of great looking sets, there was also a complete 2015 SI Yankees team set. I know I commented several times to ZZ how much I like the look of this set. I intend to use a few of them for TTM purposes.
A Jeter Lego guy! I'm definitely going to let my little guy play with this. No sense keeping it in a box.
Zippy makes some cool customs that he uses for in-person and TTM autographs. He was nice enough to give me a SIGNED one of Yankees stud pitching prospect James Kaprielian. Just fantastic! Except I read "Jimmy Key" when I look at his signature.
Here are a couple of unsigned customs. I love the '85-themed Kaprielian. Nice touch with the Draft logo too!
As if that wasn't a lot, he sent along a re-pack hobby box, as he's done in the past. It's always such a fun break. Imagine, packs upon packs containing cards of your team/guys you collect.
There's a bit of everything in there too. Hits after hits! I'm not sure what the odds were of this re-pack box, but I'm pretty sure I obliterated them:
ZZ, do you want this Tyler Austin back when he comes up in a couple days and wins AL Player of the Week right away?
Boomer? Sheffield? F yeah. Great cards!
Man, I miss you Ty Hensley. Come back.

Were there autos, you ask? There. Were. Autos. Feast your eyes upon signature after signature:
Man, I forgot all about the Battle Creek Yankees!

There were Tinos too! This Bowman's Best background looks like the wallpaper in my new foyer. (I used the word 'foyer' on a card blog. Is that allowed?)
If you like shiny, there was plenty of that too:
Prospects? Of course. ZZ's knowledge of the Yankee system dwarfs mine, but I know enough to get excited when I get a Thairo Estrada.
Or a Luis Severino.
Or a Jorge Mateo.
Or a Kyle Holder.
Hey Topps, make inserts that look as sweet as this. I dare you.
Honestly, Zippy Zappy, your generosity always astounds me, and this re-pack hobby box was no exception. From the big hits to the minor league issues, they all have a place in my collection. Thank you!


  1. A repack box? That just boggles my mind! I think I'll start doing that with my Cubs dupes. Very nice!

  2. "ZZ, do you want this Tyler Austin back when he comes up in a couple days and wins AL Player of the Week right away? "

    Haha, I'm good. Just remember me when you get an arm and a leg for that after his prices go through the roof.

    1. Late sidenote, congrats, you now have your first trifecta of an IP auto, TTM auto and certified auto. Of Kapreilian.