Friday, August 19, 2016

My hobby box of Topps BUNT physical cards

I’ll start this by saying that I am not a fan of the Topps Bunt app or digital cards.

Many are, and that is fine. I know some people probably collect digital cards and not physical cards. Some collect physical and not digital. Others do both. Collectors are all different, and despite what stance you take, you do you. No need to bash one group versus the other. I have dabbled in the app, but ultimately have decided that it’s not for me. I’d rather spend money on tangible cards as opposed to in-app purchases, and am happy to share that I never did make a purchase in the app. Again, that’s just me.

When I saw Topps was putting out a physical Bunt product, I was intrigued. When I saw the price point, I was even more intrigued. It costs approximately $29.99 for a 36-pack hobby box. I actually got an eBay seller to take my best offer of $25 shipped, so for $5 more than a blaster, I figured it would be fun to open 36 packs of cards, despite the brand or what Topps Bunt represents. This is about having fun opening physical cards and not worrying about the tie in to the app. It’s completely possible to enjoy these and not worry about the cards in the digital space.

I also grew up at a time when I could buy Topps Bazooka, Upper Deck Collector’s Choice, Score, or NBA Hoops for under a buck a pack. This brought me back to that, as those were the cards I bought most as a kid. While Opening Day does hit that $1-per-pack threshold in current times, it’s also boring for me because it’s so similar to the Flagship. If it were a completely different design with different photos, I think I’d like Opening Day much, much more.
With that, here are a few thoughts.

The base design is nice. The card stock is very thin, but that shouldn’t be a surprise. I’d actually compare it to Archives, which for a cheaply priced product, is fine. The corners ding really easily, as butterfingers me dropped a couple on the floor and they instantly got dinged.
The set, as a whole, is basically 2011 Topps Lineage. It’s a 200 card set with retired players and legends, current stars, and rookies. Also, the back has a short write-up and no stats, a la Lineage.
I do like the design, for the most part. They almost don’t look as much like a digital card as the flagship does, if that makes sense. In some instances, a different team logo is used for retired vs current players.

As for the odds, I was pretty much chalk. I got what was expected. If you are looking for an auto, good luck. They fall at over 1:9000. Other inserts are around 1:7, 1:8, or 1:14. The Lightforce and Programs are pretty cool.
I got several Bunt loot cards, which I probably won’t do anything with. They fall 1:3, but I actually got 13 as opposed to 12. As I understand it, these can be redeemed for digital packs.
I did beat the odds with a Platinum Parallel, which fall 1:53 and are numbered to 99 just above the player's name.
A few more impressions:

  1. I am not cut out to bust boxes. I got tired opening packs.
  2. The checklist is solid, although I feel like it’s disproportionately loaded with Yankee, Cubs, Dodgers, and Red Sox. I’m sure that’s normal, but I really noticed it while opening 36 packs.
  3. I got a few dupes. I’m not sure if I got a complete set and don’t intend to check. Not a set collector, sorry.
Overall, a very fun break if you’re looking for an affordable product and a good bang for your buck. I’m sure a few of you will be receiving some of these in upcoming trade packages.


  1. I'm glad someone I know busted a box. I trust your opinion on it more than any random internet review.

    I'm with ya on Bunt (the app). Just wasn't for me. I did like seeing the art work they did for some of the inserts in the app, and I'm glad they actually created real cards with them. That "program" style insert for example, looks pretty cool.

    At that cheap of a price point, it might be worth trying. Especially if it's "loaded" with AL East ;)

    1. Yes sir! You'll be a getting a few of the Red Sox.

  2. I busted a box as well as a couple blasters. Pretty sure I have the entire base set, which got pretty much every PC guy I have, plus all Cubs base. Ended up light on inserts of guys I collect, heavy on those that I don't. One of these days I'll post the inserts up if you are interested in any of them.

    1. Thanks, it was a fun break, right? I probably won't bust any more or pursue anymore and will end up including what I have in various trade packages. Thanks though!

  3. Very cool break. BTW, if you're moving the Harpers I'd like a shot at them. ;).

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    1. Dude, you need to build up some pack opening endurance! I bet you could rip a box of NBA Hoops in under twenty minutes back in the day AND wish you had more!

      *FWIW, I need to either start proofreading or stop commenting when I'm short on sleep.

  5. I do not bust boxes myself but it looks like you got some great cards. I don't even know what Sox guys are represented. The Randy Johnson card is pretty slick

  6. I just had a blaster, but I agree, it was lots of fun to bust these packs.

  7. I wouldn't mind finding a pack or two of these. Besides Opening Day, there's not much on the low end anymore.

  8. Can't beat a pack of cards for less than a dollar! Really like the Lightforce and Future of the Franchise inserts.

  9. Cool break. If I found a box for $25 shipped... I'd bust a box too. I like the front of the cards... but not the backs. Oh well... can't expect perfection at the price point.

  10. Great post, LC!

    I'm one of those real AND e-card collectors...but I can't bring myself to spend any real money. I just save up the free coins & feed my card addiction with some virtual packs now & then.

    I DID get sucked into ordering a Topps Now card, though (yikes!) - will have to review when I receive...I anticipate regret, unfortunately.

    Let me know if you pulled any Rizzo/Freeman/Betances/Kimbrels! Did Mattingly make the cut?