Thursday, August 18, 2016


I only have three cards in my "scanned" folder right now, so let's clean it out, shall we?!

I am never this low on scans, and I guess I attribute it to moving and getting very few packages/TTMs lately...which is fine by me for now while I get settled. I actually have a box of 2016 Topps Bunt due at my house today. While I'm not necessarily a fan of the digital product, I was able to score a full hobby box for $25. Ripping 36 packs for a little more than a blaster? That was too good to pass up.

Anyhow, all three cards in my scanned folder happen to be Bowman autos of some solid Yankees prospects.
Here are just two of the glutton of shortstops the Yankees have in the minors. Kyle Holder is a whiz with the glove and was selected by the Yankees in the first round of last year's draft. While he didn't hit much last year, he's holding his own in low-A, hitting at a .275-ish clip. With his D, if he can hit .260-.280, he'll be an everyday SS in the Bigs.

Wilkerman Garcia was very hyped up heading into the season, ready to follow Jorge Mateo as the next big Yankees SS prospect. He had a great year as a 17-year-old in the GCL. He was aggressively pushed up to Pulaski as an 18-year-old this season, and has struggled a bit, hitting below .200. Still, he's just 18 and getting regular at bats, so the results aren't super important right now. He still projects well and is rated 12th in the Yankees system by, which is impressive after their trade deadline haul.
Domingo Acevedo is one of the better pitchers in the system, and he's had an impressive year. He's a large kid - 6'7", but has shown very good control, striking out 102 while walking just 22 in 92 innings between Charleston and Tampa. I'd expect him to head to Trenton soon, as he's just getting back from the DL. It'll be fun when 6'7" Acedveo pitches eight strong innings then hands a lead over to 6'8" Dellin Betances.

Ok, the scanned folder is officially empty, but I know it won't stay that way for long!


  1. I wish my scan folder was empty...

    One of these days I'm just going to clear it out and start over. But until that day comes, I will continue to scroll through a thousand cards I don't want to post about to get to the ones I intend to post about.

  2. That Yankees system is looking good.