Friday, February 25, 2011

I bought a Chipper card...and I'm a Yankees fan

I felt a little weird buying a Chipper Jones card. I don't have anything against the dude - he's a great hitter and carried my fantasy team a few years ago. It's just weird to log on to eBay and buy a card of his...but that I did.

I did need it for a set. It's not like I just felt like buying a Chipper card. I have plenty of those laying around. No, this card is going toward a set I am collecting...2000 UD HoloGRFX A Piece of The Series. This beauty has a piece of game used base from the 1999 World Series. I'm trying to get all 11 cards in the set, and this one is my second. I already have the Tino, although for the sake of keeping the set together I might try to get a second one.

I paid $3.99 for this card (plus a few bucks shipping), so I got a pretty good deal. I'm sure this card could easily go for $20 or so. I still feel a little weird bidding on non-Yanks for this set, but then I remember the Yanks swept the Braves in'99 so it makes me feel a little better ;)


  1. Reading the last sentence makes me remember why its so easy to pull against the yanks every year.

  2. Haha, sorry! I needed to write it to make me feel a little better about buying a Braves card. I needed to re-read it this morning because I just won an auction for the Maddux from this same set!