Monday, February 28, 2011

Trade Review: Angels In Order

Tom from Angels In Order (in my head I always call it 'Angels in the Outfield') reached out following a prior trade post and asked if I'd be interested in a Yankees for Angels trade. Ok! I dug up a few Angels that I had - some Salmons, Edmonds, Hunters, etc. Tom needed a few of the cards on the list I sent him, so we set up set up a semi-blind trade and Tom didn't disappoint. He sent me 27 Yankee cards (appropriate number, Tom!), all of which I didn't have. There were a lot of cards from 2003-2009, which is awesome because those are a lot of the cards I missed and hadn't seen while I was out of the hobby.

I'd say my favorite card from the lot is a 2009 A&G National Pride Robbie Cano. Just a classy looking card. There were a few of the sweet looking 2004 Cracker Jacks, and some nice cards of ARod, Jeter, Bernie, Posada, Clemens and Moose. I like the Bowman Heritage David Wells cards from 2003 - there was a base card and a black boarder version. It's cool because the card says "Boomer Wells." I also liked two shiny cards in the lot - a 2001 Bowman's Best David Justice and a 1952 Topps Reprint of Johnny Sain.

Tom, hope you enjoy the Angels cards I sent. Thanks again!

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