Thursday, February 17, 2011

Trade Review: Shiny cards for some Yanks

One of the first trades I made since joining the card blogging world was with Chris from Nachos Grande. Not only are those my favorite stadium snack, but Chris needed two of the Diamond Anniversary shinys that I had. I sent him Omar Infante and Chris Young, and asked for a few Yankee cards in return.

He was nice enough to send me 11 Yankee cards. I've been using some of these trades as a quick way to educate myself on some of the sets that I have missed since I've been out of the hobby, and I figure no better way than leave it up to you guys to send me a random sample of Yanks.

In this lot, Chris sent me the following:

1987 Topps Ron Guidry #375
1991 Score Jim Leyritz #65
1997 Collector's Choice Darryl Strawberry #399
1997 Collector's Choice Bernie Williams #175
2005 UD All Star Classics Hideki Matsui #18
2010 Topps ARod, Gardner, Burnett, Rivera, Yanks team card, Arod Topps Attax

My favorite cards are the Strawberry and the Yanks team card. Straw was always a favorite of mine, and he played some good baseball when he had the chance. He played a big role in the 1998 team that won 114 regular season games. The 2010 team card is cool because they are holding up the World Series trophy. I was at the game, so this card is obviously special to me.

Chris, thanks for a great trade. Glad the shinys were able to help you and your quest of collecting the set!

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