Saturday, February 19, 2011

Trade Review: A Cubbie for some Yanks reprints

I just completed a trade with Shawn over at Baseball-Fever. There is a nice group of collectors over there, so you should check it out if you've never been.

Shawn pulled a few 2011 Topps reprints of some Yankee greats - Whitey Ford, Mickey Mantle, and Dave Winfield. He offered them to me for a Bowman Chrome Andrew Dolis, as well as a few 2011 Topps base cards that he needed for his set. I'm not necessarily a fan of reprints per se, but I like these three. The 1957 Mantle is really cool, and I love the '57 set. One of my biggest collecting goals is to own an original Topps Mantle, even if it's in poor condition and wrinkly and beat up. Shawn also sent some other 2011 Topps cards, including the Mantle #7 base card that I didn't have, and a Jeter Kimball mini.

Thanks for a great trade, Shawn!

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