Tuesday, February 22, 2011

This Yankee fan needs "Boston" to help

Daryl Boston, that is. You see, I am sending out a batch of TTM requests today for my Topps Yankees Project, trying to capture some of the years I don't have yet. That's where Daryl Boston comes in. After years with the White Sox, Mets and Rockies, Boston signed with the Yankees prior to the 1994 season. He played sparingly for the first-place Yankees before the season ended prematurely due to the strike. What I wouldn't do to see how that season would have played out...

Anyways, Boston's 84 plate appearances and .182 average were significant why? Because it earned him a spot in Topps' 1995 base set in a Yankee uniform. Hopefully I'll get this one back and cross 1995 off of my list.

I have a few back-ups for 1995 in the event that this request goes unanswered. Randy Velarde is a decent signer, and although I have him penciled in for 1989, I can swap in Dave Eiland and move Velarde to 1995. Decisions, decisions. Oh, and if anyone has a 1995 Velarde Topps base card, I'll gladly take it your hands.

I sent out a bunch of TTMs for the project in the last week or so...names like Glenallen Hill, Clay Bellinger, Mike Stanton, Chris Hammond, Jose Contreras, Javy Vazquez, Jon Lieber, Jim Beattie, Tippy Martinez and Fritz Peterson to name a few. I also have some possible re-arranging going on for the 1950's, which I'll get into in a later post. I'll just say it involves 1951(yep), 1957, and 1960. Giddy up.

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