Monday, June 20, 2016

TTM Failure: Chris Young

I don't like posting a TTM failure, but it's a reminder that it's all part of the game when sending cards away to be autographed. Sometimes, you never get anything back at all and your card is lost forever (which is why you shouldn't ever send anything you'd be too bummed to lose). Other times, you get something like this:
I'm not going to badmouth Young, despite this happening from a Red Sox player. It's his call whether or not he signs mail. I know he used to. The weirdest part was that Boston didn't use my SASE, they sent it back in a very ugly Red Sox envelope. Where the hell is my SASE? My wife goes, "Ew, you got mail from the Red Sox." Ew is right.

The photo has a pre-printed autograph on it. I don't really want it, so it'll go to one of my Red Sox collector friends.

I would have liked Young's autograph on this card, but that's how it goes sometimes. Let's hope there is a success in today's mailbox to get me back on track.


  1. I just picture Chris Young looking at your request and doing some internet research. Once he finds out you run a Yankees blog he is way to busy to sign. :)

    1. Would have been quicker to sign my card! :)

  2. High volume of mail? Chris Young? Really? Not to be a jerk..but it's not like you sent a TTM request to David Ortiz...