Thursday, June 2, 2016

TTM Success: Kyle Holder

Man, I did it again.

A few days after posting about buying a Brady Lail auto because I hadn't go him through the mail, a TTM from him shows up.

So I went out and bought a Bowman Kyle Holder auto, then guess what?

Yep. This arrived:
Don't get me wrong, I'm very pleased to get this back! I just think it's funny that I lose patience, buy a certified auto, then end up with a TTM. The certified Holder hasn't even arrived, that's how funny this ordeal is.

Holder was selected in the first round of last June's MLB Draft. He was widely considered the best defensive shortstop in the Draft, and apparently Cashman got tons of texts congratulating the pick. I bet they were like "Hey Bri, Cool pick on Holder he's good LOL." "Aw man, I was going to take holder at #38 SMH." Holder didn't hit worth a lick last season, but he is apparently MLB-ready now with the glove. The problem is, I really don't want to see a SS defensive wizard who hits .200. That feels like the '80s.

Luckily, Kyle just needed some time to adjust to pro ball. He's hitting .294 this season at Charleston, and recently concluded a 16-game hit streak. It's nice to see him handle the bat, and I look forward to seeing him develop these next few years.


  1. It shouldn't feel like the 80's.....Brendan Ryan!!!

  2. It shouldn't feel like the 80's. It should feel more like the 90's. Jack Wilson!