Thursday, June 30, 2016

TTM Success: Pat Kelly

Hey dudes! Just got back from my family vacation, and found a few TTMs waiting for me.

The first was from former Yankee Pat Kelly. He signed a card for me, and I sent it out around Christmas, so it took about 6 months. Glad to have it back!

Kelly played 7 season for the Yankees, mostly at 2B. He was a good fielder, and while he wasn't great with the bat, he did hit .273 in '93 and .280 in 1994. Still, I remember him well as the primary 2B of the Yankees teams I watched as a little leaguer.


  1. i like that card - one of the few to show the monuments!

  2. Hi TLC, how was the vacation? Good I hope.

    From Roberto Kelly to Pat Kelly, nice.