Monday, March 2, 2020

A nice PWE from Georgia

Last week, a nice PWE showed up from Georgia courtesy  of John over at Johnny's Trading Spot.

One of the highlights was this Luis Torrens diecut. While something like this should be in ZZ's collection, I do need to hang onto it so I can take down Gavin on TCDB.
My next favorite cards were these Inaugural Season Yankees Stadium cards. I had never seen them! What perfect looking Yankees cards with he Pinstripes in the design.
Johnny also hit me with a couple Hometown Heroes of Tino!
Lastly, a couple of 1989 Baseball America cards. This is a sneaky fun design, the more you look at it.
Thanks for thinking of me, Johnny!


  1. That Yankees Stadium card set looks fantastic!

  2. I really like the minor league cards. Those are always fun to look at.

  3. The Torrens TCDB race is getting heated.

  4. Nice low #'d Torrens. Sounds like you and Gavin are battling it out. How far behind are you?