Thursday, April 30, 2020

PWEs keep me going

One thing I really look forward to during my quarantine days of working from home is going to the mailbox each day.

I have set up shop in my dining room as my work from home space. As anyone who has stepped foot in a center hall colonial knows, the dining room usually sits at the front of the house, either on the left or right side once one walks into the main entry way. In mine, the dining room is to the left.

The mailbox on the outside of the house, to the left of the front door, remains from the previous owner. It is heavy, brass mailbox. The clank when the lid is lifted then shut is very loud. It always makes the dog bark. And usually, even if I'm on a Zoom call (all day), I can hear the clank and know something might be waiting for me there.

Whether it's a PWE from TCDB (still alive and kickin'!) or cards from another blogger, I usually get a little something each day.

For instance, Phungo and I made a quick swap on Twitter. I couldn't find. copy of Gleyber's Topps Update RC (even though I swear I had it), and he offered it to me. I sent him a Topps Legend variation of Mike Schmidt. Nice, easy trade.
He also included some homemade cards from photos he took at games!

Johnny also sent me recent winnings from one of his Big Fun Games. I ended with some vintage, which is never a bad prize.
I struck up a quick trade with Bru for these two Donruss cards. I sent him an ugly Altuve card.
The Luis Torrens Fan Club got in on the action and sent a fun PWE. A sweet Judge insert, a low-numbered Frazier, and a Sevy RC? Yes please. Plus a very random collection of basketball cards!
Thanks for all the fruitful trips to the mailbox and giving me something fun to look forward to each day!


  1. Nothing wrong with the mail when there are more cards than junk mail, or bills.

  2. Glad you liked the cards. A seller threw them in as bonuses for one of the parts of my AD rainbow and I decided to just send them off to you. Along with what was supposed to be the only three cards that were headed your way.

  3. I remember being able to hear the clank of the mail carrier delivering the mail. It's been over 17 years though. These days I have to either walk or drive to get my mail.

  4. Voting for the Aaron Judge.

    Gleyber needs to work on his fielding.

  5. Hey, late to the party as always, but glad I could find you some damned Yankees. Thanks again for saving that Altuve for me.