Saturday, May 7, 2011

Brian McCann Diamond Die Cut

In the Topps Diamond Giveaway, I've been trying with all my might to trade for a Yankee Diamond Die Cut. However, after weeks of offers, I still couldn't get my hands on one. I did manage a few small trades in the process, acquiring a few 1970's Yankee cards. So I figured I might as well try and trade for any Diamond Die Cut, as I felt that would increase my chances of eventually flipping it for a Yankee.

Well, yesterday I logged into my account, and lo and behold, found this in there and I've already received a few trade offers for it:

McCann is a nice player though I'm completely indifferent about him. However, I feel decent about my chances of flipping this for a Yankee. Perhaps Nick Swisher or maybe even Teixeira. Unless someone offers me a great lot, including some 1950's Yankee goodness, I'll probably start offering this card around in the next few days.

What did it take for me to acquire the McCann you ask?

1974 Tom McCraw
1976 Rick Dempsey
1978 Stan Bahnsen
1983 Steve Carlton Timeline
1988 Celio Guante
1991 Hensley Meulens

I'm not upset losing any of these cards. The Dempsey was most popular in terms of trade offers, but it was never for much. This new trade chip is much nicer.


  1. I would say that's a great deal for you. I finally got a good offer on my Cain die cut. A 58, 3 69's, a 77 Bobby Grich, and an 89 George Brett.

  2. Can you trade with individuals on the site or do you always have to offer your trade to everyone?

    I'm just getting started with my collection, a few nice '70s cards and that's about it. Looking to fill some '60s and '70 A's team set needs through trades.