Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Trade Review: The Adventures of Napkin Doon

Napkin Doon of the most enjoyable The Adventures of Napkin Doon and I recently agreed to a trade in between games of Words With Friends. The Doon has a great blog, and up to this point he had given me some great cards from his Big Fun Game. This was the first time I would be sending something in return. He sent me a bunch of great Yankees cards to look through and see if we could match-up for a trade...really nice shiny Flair cards, some Tinos, and even some certified autos.

While I liked all of the cards, I decided to focus on a few - the Tinos in particular. I just didn't quite have enough to offer for the lot, especially the autos. Well, Napkin Doon continued to show what a generous person he is - he sent me all of the cards, including the autos. I had had one of the roughest 24 hours in my life with a family emergency...something I am still dealing with as I write this. The stack of cards he sent literally took my mind off of it for a few minutes as I sorted through them, and I can't express how much I appreciated it. Enough of the moosh, let's show off some of the cards:

Here are the Tinos, all of which I needed. The 1999 Flair Row 2 is gorgeous.

Next up are the autos. These are only my 4th and 5th Yankees cert autos. Nappy, I definitely owe you an auto or a game-used.

Flair goodness! Man, these were good looking cards. Shiny and classy. I miss Flair.

An assortment of Yanks. I didn't have this Mantle because I haven't bought any of the Topps Value Boxes. The Laird 2011 Bowman is definitely going out via a TTM request. Probably the Cervelli too.

Finally, a Pettitte mini and one of those old Sportflixy type cards that came in late '80s Score.

Nappy, thanks again for the trade. Hope you enjoyed the cards I sent.

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